MK-810 Ink Filling Machine

(with Filling Needle Jig & Automatic for filling & Suction)


Change only needle and tubing to switch color and type of ink.
Easy to connect a filling needle to a pouch or cartridges by jig type filling needle.
Automatic filling with two mode (Mode 1 : filling -> suction / Mode 2: Suction -> filling -> suction) by different ink pouch and cartridges.


  • 220/440/600ml pouch
    (Mode II recommended)
  • 1 Liter Nite Pouch
    500ml Truvis Pouch
    (Mode II recommended)
  • 1 Liter Mutoh
    UMS pouch
  • 2 Liter MBIS pouch
    1 Liter Texart Pouch
  • 1.5 Liter Seiko Pouch
    (Mode II recommended)
  • Epson GS & Mutoh
    1 Liter Pouch
  • 220ml Assembled cartridge
    (Mode II recommended)
  • 440/600ml assembled cartridge
    (Mode II recommended)


Dimension 48x25x42.5 cm Net weight 15.20 kg
Packing size 52x30x47 cm Gross weight 17.5 kg
Electrical requirement 100v or 220v Power Consumption Max 75w
Pump type Peristaltic Pump Max., filling capacity 2500ml
Max., load weight 4.0