Auto Spout Sealer
for Flexible Pouch Package

MK-9000 SM, Auto spout sealer is Designed to be applied on many different type of Flexible pouch package. With one machine, you can make different type of spout package by switching Sealing jig and spout holder.
The spout sealer can work with the below items :
Food package / plastic package / pet food package
/ liquid package / beverage package / juice package
/ sauces package / detergent package /oil package /
baby food package / jam package / honey package /
personal care package / cosmetic package / health care package /
household package.

Main Feature

Save Labor cost
Approximately 10,000 pcs Pouch sealing per 8 hours
Many different type of spouts can be sealed by switching a sealing jig and spout holder.
It is suitable for small quantity batch production.
A high experienced worker is not required


Sealing Jig & Spout Holder changeable
for different spout
Hot sealing -> Hot sealing -> Cool sealing

Touchable screen