For Epson DX4/5/7 & Ricoh Gen5
& Konica (KM24) / Panasonic Printhead

NEXZEN is a new Digital Dye Sublimation Ink brought to you by leading Sublimation market. With today’s Market demanding a stable and reliable Sublimation Ink that works every time, we now have the Pleasure of offering you the most Advanced textile solution. Developed by the latest technology, NEXZEN dye sublimation ink delivers High Definition Performance and vibrant Colours, taking Creative Imaging to the next Level.


Superb ink color fastness
Intense and vibrant colors
Less fumes during fixation process
Universal for both Direct and Transfer printing
High Ink Color Density and Bright, Vivid Colors
Low maintenance, long-lasting head performance

Package avaiblity

Other Package available
1 Liter Bottle
440ml Cartridges
1Liter pouch
1 Liter pouch for Roland Texart & 2 Liter pouch Mimaki MBIS system

Color Availability

Printhead Type Color
Normal Jet Black(JB) / Black Plus(BP) / Blue / Magenta / Yellow / Light Blue / Light Magenta / Flourescent Pink
Super Deep Black(DB) / Super blue / Super Magenta / Super Yellow
Printhead Color
Ricoh Gen5 Deep Black(DB) / Blue / Magenta / Yellow
Konica 1024 Deep Black(DB) / Super Blue / Super Magenta / Super Yellow
Panasonic Deep Black(DB) / Black plus(BP) / Blue / Magenta / Yellow