Digital Printing Dryer for Mimaki

Self-standing type
Built-in type on the printer


Synchronized with the printer
Immediate and complete drying of printed media
Uniform heat distribution across entire surface
Compatible with all of Mimaki printers
Portable from one to another(Self-standing type)


  • Easy control panel
    (Lamp temperature/Fan speed/ Timer)
  • Dryer Body tilting
  • Cable connected to printer
    To synchronize with a printer
    (if printer stop, dyer stop and If printer woks, dyer work)
  • Near infrared lamp
    (up to 190 degree on the surface of lamp)
  • Three wind ventilation
    (top and middle ventilation : Hot air Bottom ventilation; cool air)


Model Drying Width Height adjustment Electricity Consumption Package size
ITDR-1600 1600mm(64")
ITDR-1900 1900mm(74")